The biggest concerts in Paris in 2019
January 24, 2019

source: https ://medium .com/@keegetaways/top-concerts-in-paris-in-2019-d98a69571c1a Top Concerts in 2019 in Paris, France Here is the calendar of the biggest concerts in Paris that will take place in 2019, right in the city that is the heart of Art Nouveau (New Art). … Continue reading

March 10, 2016

Shwagingha (pronounced: ShwaG-ing-Ya | commonly mispronounced: Shwa-gin-gah and Shwa-ging-ah) is the natural name of the Hidoori elftonic pipester that appears only once every synthetic diamond jubilee (that’s once every 75 Cubit Zirconium growth cycles). In fact, the image seen on … Continue reading

Art Nouveau Oasis
August 28, 2015

Oasis of thought in a desert of aspiration Can you guess the source of inspiration which launched this creation from within an art nouveau tapestry? Take me to the face that you show where everyone knows it is not OK. … Continue reading

Cuckoos and clocks
August 24, 2015

You can say a lot about cuckoos and cuckoo clocks. And what you say about them can have greater impact if you say it with the right timing. The history of Cuckoo clocks goes back a long time. They remain … Continue reading

June 13, 2015

Klingner’s Art Deco famous poster seems perfectly relevant for the concept of dreaming. The topic of dreaming is the subject of the following song, which some critics have said reminds them of elements of the song Hearts by the band … Continue reading


When I listen to The Police’s Roxanne, it gives me goosebumps. When I remember Joseann, it gives me brain bumps. Joseann Rett, there’s Bea’s dove Joseann, you don’t have to turn on the med light those says are over, you … Continue reading

Dream Line

The following song has a distant cousin whose muse inspired the 1989 song Birthright by ABWH. Dream line Song for the Aborigi knees A newborn man dreaming in the eye scent of music in the flowers believing more in many … Continue reading

June 10, 2015

Wunderbar #WunderbarNow Everything is wunderbar now. I close my Ayes don’t wanna be mad. I wish i could count to nine, make everything good and fine I hope I can wake up tomorrow and you’ll say everything will be wunderbar … Continue reading

Man and Dog
May 13, 2015

Photo credits: Man and dog, c. 1900, F. Davey © National Media Museum / SSPL. Creative Commons BY-NC-SA Man and Dog Portrait #RealLifeCaricature You know the expression that people look like their dogs? How does this example score? And now … Continue reading

Olde Time Rhyme
April 29, 2015

Photo Credits: Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) Wall Street and Canal Rhyme #WallStreetAndCanal The fields of France are not filled with cheeses for the milked cows who have made their way back home And the old rectangle and mingle, … Continue reading

Swimsuit History Classics
March 21, 2015

Swimsuit History Pictorial #SwimsuitHistoryLesson Have a look at this terrific, short swimsuit history film that highlights some of the most game-changing swimsuits to be worn in the last 130 years, since people first started wearing them at the beach, the … Continue reading

Swimsuits of History

Early 20th Century Pre-SI Swimsuit Edition #SwimsuitHistory Where would we be without swimsuits? Without question, one of fashion’s most important modern inventions has grown from a trendy full body suit to a force of fashionable attire. And as men’s swimwear … Continue reading

Tread Lightly Around Gingers?
March 7, 2015

Gingers Exposed #FreeGingers Gingers don’t have it easy. Just watch this page’s video, which exposes the truth about gingers, and you’ll know why they don’t have it easy, especially under the sun. As for the photo on this page, if … Continue reading

Do All Translations Betray?

Why Translations Don’t Always Get It Wrong #SaveTranslators As seen in this video, most websites do not have good support for multilingual site use. They tend to serve one or a small handful of languages, at best. The fact is, … Continue reading

Gals and Dolls

Girls and Dolls #LiberateDolls Girls love dolls. That’s just a fact. OK, not all girls love dolls. But the preponderance of the evidence suggests that the ties that bond young females and inanimate dolls, is undeniable. This photo, dating back … Continue reading

Why Perfume Mattered

The Real Reason Scented Perfume Made Its Mark #FreeSmells Once upon a time, people stank. They stank so bad, they reeked. The putrid and odiferous stench was imbued in practically every living human being, because they bathed so infrequently. This … Continue reading

Lovely Lady Long Legs

The Lady’s Long Legs Last Beyond A Lifetime #LiberateLegs Remember ZZ Top’s song and music video, “Legs” ? Well, in case you’ve forgotten, the video at the top of this page should be a nice refresher for you. Enjoy! And … Continue reading

Semi-nude Parisian woman and Pan Boys

Pan Boys and semi-nude young Lady Illustration #LiberateArt In case you are not familiar with French art history, here’s a titilating semi-nude sample you may enjoy. It is Leonnec’s two page illustrated image of a young Parisian woman, laying on … Continue reading

Cat Girls Illustration

Cats and Girls Illustrated #SaveArt Maybe it’s no Sports Illustrated, but this iconic image of cat girls in the kitchen (or is it girl cats?) is a forebearer to many modern magazine cover styles and themes. In fact, you might … Continue reading