The New Issue of Create! Magazine Is Out Now

We’re delighted at the release of Create! Magazine’s Issue #24, which was curated in part by our editor-in-chief, Christopher Jobson. Colossal readers might recognize some of the artists and photographers featured in the winter edition, including Patty Carroll (previously), Greg Olijnyk (previously), and Rose Sanderson (previously), alongside Bryane Broadie’s digital collages teeming with colorful patterns and ethereal, illustrated portraits by Line Holtegaard. More Continue reading

Countless Starlings Flock Together in a Miraculous Bird-Shaped Murmuration Over Lough Ennell

After months of chasing starlings alongside his colleague Colin Hogg, Dublin-based photographer James Crombie captured a phenomenal shot of the flock as it swelled into an enormous bird-like murmuration. Hogg recorded the awe-inspiring experience in a short clip that shows the winged formation taking shape and hovering over Lough Ennell, a lake near Mullingar in central Ireland.
Crombie is known for his sports photography, and last week, he was named Press Photographer of the Year for his shot of a fan perched on a ladder watching the semi-final between St. More Continue reading

The Best Tangram Shapes Sets for Logic and Math Learning
March 3, 2021

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, we may receive an affiliate commission. Invented in China, the puzzles known as tangrams remain a timeless activity proven to develop logical thinking and math skills—which is why tangram games, which involve piecing together colorful shapes to recreate a pattern, […] Continue reading

We’re Back! The Colossal Shop Is Restocked

We just added a few fun goods to the newly reopened Colossal Shop, including these (reversible!) face masks featuring some of art history’s most iconic works. Head to the shop for pins, magnets, and pop-up greeting cards that’ll find a permanent spot on your fridge. Each purchase directly supports Colossal and independent arts publishing, and remember, Colossal Members get 10 percent off nearly everything: just log in to your account and grab the discount code before check out. More Continue reading

The Best Embossing Heat Guns for Multi-Media Projects
March 2, 2021

Embossing projects are not the place to cut corners. While popular hacks include using a hairdryer or even an oven to set embossing powder into paper, neither of these options work as well as the real deal. A proper heat gun gets the job done right, as a hairdryer can blow the embossing powder away, […] Continue reading

Plants Embedded in Wax Sprout from Fragile Hands in Memory-Infused Works by Valerie Hammond

In Valerie Hammond’s series of wax drawings, protection is two-fold: the artist (previously) encases dried flowers and ferns in a thin layer of wax, preserving their fragile tissues long after they’ve been plucked from the ground. In outlining a pair of hands, she also secures a memory, or rather, “the essence of a gesture and the fleeting moment in which it was made.”
Centered on limbs lying flat on Japanese paper, the ongoing series dates back to the 1990s, when Hammond made the first tracing “partly in response to the death of a dear friend, whose beautiful hands I often found myself remembering.” She continued by working with family and friends, mainly women and children, to delineate their wrists, palms, and fingers. More Continue reading

The Best Tools for Effective Hand Sanding
March 1, 2021

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, we may receive an affiliate commission. Sandpaper is an acrobatic tool, flexible enough to bend into crevices and around corners. But sanding also requires pressure, which can be hard to apply with just your fingers. A hand sander—often a simple […] Continue reading

Swaths of Tulle Billow from Site-Specific Installations by Ana María Hernando

Fueled with a sense of rebellion, yards of colorful tulle cascade from windows and down staircases in site-specific installations by Ana María Hernando. The soft, pliable material breaches existing architecture and entwines trees in swaths of mesh, creating works that are both visually striking and subversive.
Evocative of ballgowns and garments that are traditionally worn by women, the tulle explodes into a flood of fabric as a way to break with social constructions surrounding feminity. More Continue reading

The Best Light Boxes for Detail-Oriented Work

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, we may receive an affiliate commission. A light box is one of the most useful tools you can have in your studio. Resembling a stripped-down tablet, these slim devices illuminate flat surfaces from behind so you can place material on […] Continue reading

The Best Shaped Canvases for Thinking Outside the Box

Ask anyone to conjure up an image of a painter’s canvas and chances are they’ll picture a rectangular one. The rectangle’s dominance is as much a technical matter as an aesthetic one—canvas is easiest to stretch on a squared-off frame. But something as simple as changing the shape of a canvas can have an enormous […] Continue reading

A Field of Dried Grass Is Suspended from the Ceiling in ‘French Exit’ by Artist Tadao Cern

In Tadao Cern’s sweeping installation “French Exit,” a cloud of feathery grasses looms over the room. The immersive artwork juxtaposes the ephemeral, dried material with the viewers who stand underneath as it creates a soothing and introspective space to consider the notions of farewells, whether it be the close of a party or more profound experiences, like the end of a relationship or death.
Cern tells Colossal that the title refers to the colloquialism about leaving a social gathering without saying goodbye. More Continue reading