Art Nouveau Oasis

iconic art nouveau style on this design

Art Nouveau Oasis dish

Oasis of thought in a desert of aspiration

Can you guess the source of inspiration which launched this creation from within an art nouveau tapestry?

Take me to the face that you show
where everyone knows it is not OK.
Please don’t put your fife in the bands
run by rock ‘n roll hands.
They’re gonna blow you all away.

So i start an evolution in my head
and nothing’s left here on my bed.
Summertime’s come fast,
Mowing the lawn’s well past
for a permanent memory of what’s to last.

Someday we’ll all be truckin’ in the cushions
kids are jogging around sweaty, pluckin’ in the swooshes
Aye! Love it!

Old folks are walkin’ around baked and huggin’ in the tushes
good for every funny here.
nice. lovely. beautiful.
i’m all for that.

trackin’ through the train of amazing grace
the sound so sweet it saved my wretched soul
i was found in my blindness of the face
and now i see the goal

it was ten thousand years of trudging through the dark
to see the answer rise like the Sun,
before I woke holding hands with the mark
who told me plainly that I’m not the one

and so it was Grace that saved me and my place
and watched more of me march on for my son

i once lost pounds and now it’s bucks
was foolish

was sightless and now i have working optics.
was sightless and now i have working optics.


What are your thoughts?