Artists Wu Tsang and Boychild Walk in Telfar’s Florence Fashion Show

Artists Wu Tsang and Boychild Walk in Telfar’s Florence Fashion Show

The New York-based designer Telfar Clemens debuted his fall/winter collection at the grand Palazzo Corsini in Florence, Italy, on Thursday evening with a runway show staged atop a circular table. Among the models who walked in the glitzy presentation, which was attended by Solange Knowles, among other high-profile figures, were the artists and collaborators Wu Tsang and boychild.

Tsang, whose practice spans performance, film, and video, wore a teal shirt and green velour pants in the show, and the performance artist boychild donned a shiny black jacket and billowy pants with padding from the knees down. Other wares presented at the show, which was set to live music by the band Standing on the Corner, included looks adorned with stripes, oversized jackets, and more. Vogue reports that boychild began dancing when the DJ and musician Carrie Stacks started singing and playing the piano.

Clemens told Vogue that his latest collection was inspired, in part, by Italian art. “We kept seeing all these correlations between the clothes that we make and the clothes that people are wearing in these paintings,” he said. “I didn’t want Florence to necessarily be an influence, but it was because we’re just here and seeing all this stuff and living here.”

Since founding Telfar in 2004, Clemens has cultivated an inclusive ethos for his brand. According to CNN, he has designed uniforms for staff of the restaurant chain White Castle and donated proceeds from online sales to fund bail for minors imprisoned on New York’s Rikers Island. Telfar was also behind the so-called “Bushwick Birkin,” a hot-selling handbag that retails between $150 and $257.

Of his design aesthetic, Clemens told CNN, “This idea of ‘what’s fashion and what’s not?’—I’m pretty into what’s not.”


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