Careers at bqxpd

bqxpd is proud to be building the world’s avant garde leader in art nouveau web properties.

To reach well beyond our wildest dreams and grow well past our goals, we need some very special, super talented people on board. We need people who are serious about building a career in the new arts, working for a dynamic, growing company that has more visual power than a barrel of fractals or Parisian Metropolitan station entrance signs.

Are you one of them?

Currently, we are hiring:

* A Bell Boy (must have expert elevator management skills)

* A Bell Hop (if you don’t know the difference, you can’t afford it)

* A pinstriper (for custom cars and motorcycles / gear)

* A baker (for late night soups and cakes)

* A graphic illustrator (paper, canvas, oil, ink, watercolor, scissors, glue, digital tools)

* A printer (for posters, business cards, invitations, greeting cards, etc)

If you think you should be part of the team @ bqxpd, drop us a note and let us know why we should hire you.

We pay extremely competitive salaries + packages (including free lunchtime massages and 10 extra paid vacation days taken in Paris or other Art Nouveau capitols around the world) that let you focus entirely on your work during regular hours, and enjoy your life when you’re not on the job.

Serious candidates only.