Cat Girls Illustration

Girl Cats are always dressed for the occasion

Classy Cats Cartoon

Cats and Girls Illustrated


Maybe it’s no Sports Illustrated, but this iconic image of cat girls in the kitchen (or is it girl cats?) is a forebearer to many modern magazine cover styles and themes.

In fact, you might even say that almost half of all Internet content is contained in this one image: Cats, females, and food.

OK, so we know it’s not quite that grand, but it’s a pretty amazing piece of graphic content when you consider that it’s from about a century before the Internet went mainstream with billions of humans online.

These days, of course, you don’t have wait for the latest book to be published by one of a handful of publishers. Now, the Internet allows anyone to post just about any image one can create, edit or remix. And it’s instantaneous.

Of course, to make the original piece of illustrated art, you still need that elusive quality known as artistic ability.

While not everyone may be as talented as DaVinci, Turner or Maplethorpe, there is no shortage of capable graphic designers out there, working on their current oeuvres d’art, while waiting on their next customer’s commission.

In fact, not only were they popular in the past, they are equally (if not more) popular in the present. And if the video on this page is anything to go by, then they will also remain popular in the future.


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