Cuckoos and clocks

cuckoo clocks in Cuckooland

clocks in Cuckooland

You can say a lot about cuckoos and cuckoo clocks.

And what you say about them can have greater impact if you say it with the right timing.

The history of Cuckoo clocks goes back a long time. They remain popular today, and the have a bright future, as far as anyone can tell. Switzerland has a long and storied tradition of creating some of the world’s finest cuckoo clocks. In fact, you might say that to claim otherwise, would be cuckoo.

Some of the most beautiful and mechanically perfect specimens date back well into the 19th century. Some were made in the Art Nouveau period. For any collector of fine furniture, a well-made, hand-crafted cuckoo clock is a work of excellence, which is a top Swiss value.

Maybe it’s the fine, clean, crisp air of the Swiss Alps. Maybe it’s all the fairy tales of the Swiss people that have great cuckoo clocks in them.

Or maybe it’s just their affinity for time pieces. Because as everyone knows, the Swiss are cuckoo about being on time. Tardiness is in fact so frowned upon, that it is practically better to show up ill-prepared and on time, than prepared but late. Of course, the Swiss, being addicts of excellence and perfection, would say that neither of these is correct. The only way to be and do right, is to be prepared, be on time, and be excellent.


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