Do All Translations Betray?

an informative graphical illustration about translating words and meaning

How would you translate these?

Why Translations Don’t Always Get It Wrong


As seen in this video, most websites do not have good support for multilingual site use. They tend to serve one or a small handful of languages, at best.

The fact is, businesses lose out untold fortunes because of their lack of support for most languages. Despite the fact that sixty percent of Internet content is in English, most users tend to prefer making purchases on sites that support their primary language.

And if you get the urge to solve a huge need in the market by becoming a translator, here’s something to consider:

Getting started as a freelance translator doesn’t need to be an intimidating proposition. There are opportunities out there, and by following the tips in this post, you’ll be able to get your translation business off the ground, get more clients, and generate new opportunities for your business.

Do yourself and your site a favor. Checkout those tips about how to improve your business by supporting multilingual efforts, and you’ll know why Translations don’t always get it wrong.

Also, checkout the infographic for some interesting fun facts about translation that you might not have known.


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