“Finding A Way” by Artist Eric Louie

“Finding A Way” by Artist Eric Louie

New paintings from Vancouver-based painter Eric Louie (previously featured here). Speaking to the will to live, adapt and survive, Louie’s latest work evokes a sense of strength and vigour. “Examples of characters in their glory,” as he states:

“Something celebratory thrives within each painting for myself. The work combines elements of still life, abstraction and figuration to create something that dwells in a middle ground. Along with my larger works are a new series of small paintings touching on notions of the monolith, symmetry/asymmetry & the Vanitas. Some paintings allude to totemic elements such as serpents or butterflies to faces. Many of the pieces were derived from breaking down elements of my larger works and mirroring them like a Rorschach test. The symmetry created something recognizable which is interesting. They take on a symbolic approach hitting on notions of semiotics and iconography. I feel like each of the smaller works could play a role within the larger ones. They show connection and change as if they could go on forever.”

See more images from “Finding A Way” below or on display at Bau-Xi Gallery from September 12 – 26.



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Eric Louie at Bau-Xi Gallery


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