Lovely Lady Long Legs

French Art deco style illustration of a lady with attractive legs and more

Lady Long Legs

The Lady’s Long Legs Last Beyond A Lifetime


Remember ZZ Top’s song and music video, “Legs” ? Well, in case you’ve forgotten, the video at the top of this page should be a nice refresher for you. Enjoy!

And while we’re on the topic of lovely long legs, the image you see on this page is none other than the famous French art nouveau style (though some call it Art Deco) illustration of a young lady with long legs.

It depicts a young woman wearing black heels and black sheer stockings, which give a terrific contrast to the pink color of her dress and the light pink white flesh tones of her body. Her short, stylized hair fits the fashion of the days of the early 20th Century, in an epoque which saw many girls and women begin to explore more freedom in their personal appearance, especially in England, France and the United States. These trends spread quickly around the rest of Europe, and soon became popular in many parts of South America, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and even East Asia.

As you can tell, the popular trend of long legs has remained in fashion in the past century, and is likely to remain trendy for generations to come.


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