Man and Dog

human & canine photo portrait

Man and Dog photograph

Photo credits: Man and dog, c. 1900, F. Davey © National Media Museum / SSPL. Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

Man and Dog Portrait


You know the expression that people look like their dogs?

How does this example score?

And now see this archived view of humanity and animals, in the video on this page.

If that doesn’t make you wonder “What the … ?”, what will?

All this thinking about animals, the past, those who are no longer with us, took me on a mental journey to think about the concept of the afterlife. Here’s what I jotted down in the limo.

You can’t eat it in the afterlife

When you go, you’re gone. That’s true whether we’re speaking of biological matter or synthetic stuff, which ultimate can always be reduced down to organic materials

And the same statement is correct for food. It is unimportant to know whether food is made entirely by man or whether it’s a naturally existing food. What matters is that it is food and it is or should be eaten.

Well, if you can’t take it with you, then you might as well eat it while you’re here.

Chocolate truffles … eat ’em if have ’em.

You’re not a Pharaoh. You’re not a king. You’re no messiah.

You likely will never be an astronaut.

But you might have pets and other familiars. And they were likely with you during some of the best times in your life. And there is a good chance that those who knew you, also knew that about you. So after your time comes, those who remain that you knew, may well think of you in terms of how you related to your animals. Maybe you don’t care how people will remember you. On the other hand, if you do, then this is at least one more great reason to always be good to your animals.


What are your thoughts?