Post Victorian Art Nouveau Prints
March 7, 2015

Art Nouveau Prints Follow Victoria While the Victorian era may have been named after Great Britain’s Queen Victoria, the Art Nouveau period had no such monarch as its moniker’s standard bearer. The video on this page explores some wonderful Art … Continue reading

On Art Nouveau
February 22, 2015

Art Nouveau Style Art Nouveau was a popular style that emerged in Paris in the years 1890 – 1905. The style of the poster illustration seen on this page is classic Art Nouveau with the lines, contrasting colors and font … Continue reading

Cocky Rugby Lad

Cocky Rubgy Baller This may seem innocent enough, but you know it’s not. This outrageous fashion statement of a lady and two rugby boys made wild girls swoon for more in the Art Nouveau period. Of course, this image could … Continue reading

Coffee Lady Art

Coffee Madamoiselle Not every coffee poster has to be of Juan Valdez. This Art Nouveau style picture uses the iconic features of the period’s art, and promotes coffee in a sophisticated format.

Hideho from bqxpd
February 21, 2015

bqxpd is here. bqxpd – the intro verse   Front to back, and the other way ’round, This is a site that you have found. Check it out and participate. Don’t be shy now, navigate. When you’re done, please do … Continue reading