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Art Nouveau and post Victorian Prints

Art Nouveau Prints Follow Victoria

While the Victorian era may have been named after Great Britain’s Queen Victoria, the Art Nouveau period had no such monarch as its moniker’s standard bearer.

The video on this page explores some wonderful Art Nouveau as seen in real world architecture.

The photos seen on the page are of classic printed illustrations in the post Victorian and Art Nouveau style, which was all the rage after the excessively modest styles of Queen Victoria had passed on along with her historically long reign over the British Empire.

The post Victorian style was still rather elaborate and highly modest, yet it began to remove at least one or more layers of the much-too-stuff decorative overlays which had been adorned for so many decades.

As the styles rapidly evolved, Art Nouveau was seen as a revolution in design and fashion. The parabollic lines, the sweeping curves, the imaginative contrasts of complex and simple shapes and outlines, all of these defined the new French style. It was a veritable hybrid of old and new, which ran the course of the years leading up to World War I. It also led to the very American version of clean lines and curves in Art Deco, which was very popular with businesses and especially in commercial architecture and advertising, merely 2 decades later, around the time of World War 2 and afterwards.

Caution: This stuff may make you want to visit Paris, and I don’t mean Texas.


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