Semi-nude Parisian woman and Pan Boys

French art deco illustration of a woman semi-nude and relaxing with three young pans watching over her

Leonnec’s 2 page illustration of a Parisian woman enjoying the 30 (C) degree heat in Arcadie

Pan Boys and semi-nude young Lady Illustration


In case you are not familiar with French art history, here’s a titilating semi-nude sample you may enjoy.

It is Leonnec’s two page illustrated image of a young Parisian woman, laying on her back, half nude, in the shade at the foot of a tree, as she enjoys the 30C degree heat in Arcadie.

The characters standing above her as she slumbers are young Pan boys. Pan was, of course, the Greek mythical creature who was half goat and half man. This creature has remained a part of many artistic cultures and stories over the millennia.

And unless you’re some kind of prude, this image should not be tagged as not safe for work, because in fact, tasteful semi-nude or even nude art that expresses a perspective on our natural human bodies, is in fact, extremely important for the advancement of humanity and civilization.

By the way, what do you think of this image? And can you tell which tools and mediums were used to create it?

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Also, the video on this page, shows a beautiful French Art Deco statuette in the form of a semi-nude woman, as a table lamp figurine.


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