Swimsuit History Classics

How dirty old men got their hands on loose beach babes in the early 20th century

Pardon me, Ma’am, your swim suite doesn’t measure up

Swimsuit History Pictorial


Have a look at this terrific, short swimsuit history film that highlights some of the most game-changing swimsuits to be worn in the last 130 years, since people first started wearing them at the beach, the lake, the river, the pool, and wherever else swimming is enjoyed.

photo from 1908 of five women wearing very risque swim suits

1908 raunchy leggy ladies

As you can see in this historical archive image from 1908, women of the day used to don swimsuits that would rival the modern day burqa.

Given how men and women love to find style in what they wear, is it any wonder that the bathing suit has gone from looking like a frilly, stuffy ballroom gown, to an object almost too small to see?

Swimmingly Goes The World

If you want to see some more of these wearable wonders, see bqxpd’s previous post, Swimsuits of History for more complete coverage of bathing costumes through the decades.

It should be no wonder that so many turn of the century impressionists used people in bathing suits as their primary subjects. These novel trendy fashions were so quick to rise in popularity and variety, that they could illuminate nearly any painter’s canvas with previously unseen forms.


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