Terrence Caviar & Kristin Texeira

Terrence Caviar & Kristin Texeira

New color in the times of slow coffee

Terrence Caviar & Kristin Texeira

We’re crazy about the paintings of our friend Kristin Texeira, so we had the idea to make photos inspired by the elemental shapes and soothing color palettes that make up Kristin’s beautiful abstract compositions.

Everyone under stay-in-place mandates (Kristin in upstate New York, myself in San Francisco, and Michelle in Columbus, Ohio), we collaborated remotely and were reliant on using items we already had in our possession. Longing for structure and connection

in this weird time of physical separation, it was so nice to have constraints and purpose in mind while choosing props and materials, grabbing colors, shapes and textures that would lend themselves well to becoming painterly worlds in photographs.

We worked closely using video chat while shooting, and aimed to flatten out space and create a bit of perspective confusion. It was great to squint at our compositions and say, “Does this feel like Kristin?” After photographing, we sent Kristin the images and worked together on choosing the background color that best suited each original photograph.

While we created “paintings” with our photos, Kristin flipped it back to photography through her paintings by playing with where the image sat on the page, referencing magazine layouts – some compositions are full bleed, while some take up only 1/6 th of the page.

This project has been a perfect balance of work and exploration. Working with others holds you accountable to produce, and provides structures of beginnings and endings. At the same time, working with other artists allows you to move slowly, allowing for daydreaming which can lead to new discoveries. It’s a really nice

feeling to share in creativity together – even when apart.





















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