Top 5 Reasons Art Nouveau Ecommerce is the Bee’s Knees

Top 5 Reasons Art Nouveau Ecommerce is the Bee’s Knees

art nouveau brand and bees

art nouveau brand and bees

Oasis of thought in a desert of aspiration

Can you guess the source of inspiration which launched this creation from within an art nouveau tapestry?

Top Reasons Ecommerce Continues to Rise

It’s hard to imagine a time before ecommerce. There was a time when buying an artist’s latest record, a pair shoes, or a TV meant driving around to different stores, hoping to find one that had what you were looking for in stock.

But ecommerce changed everything. Take Amazon for instance. They started out as a bookseller and now they sell everything from vacuum cleaners to toothpaste. Now just about every brick-and-mortar store has an ecommerce market where you can buy the same things you can buy in stores. So why has ecommerce grown so popular, and why does it continue to rise?

Anything, Anytime

One of the most important things about ecommerce is that it makes everything available to everyone, no matter where they at. A couple of decades ago, someone in Bettendorf, Iowa, wouldn’t be able to shop at Barney’s or Bloomingdales unless they made a trip to a big urban area hundred of miles away. But the ecommerce sites for each of those stores allow people to buy no matter where they live.

(Almost) Always in Stock

Once upon a time, there was a decent chance that your neighborhood shoe store wouldn’t have a pair of shoes in your size. Or the record store in your tiny town might not get the latest release by a relatively unknown artist. Ecommerce works, and will continue work, because it caters to all audiences. Niche audiences can easily find little-known products, and mainstream audiences rarely have to worry about not being able to buy something because it’s sold out.

Brick and Mortar is Expensive

Most customers forget that it’s expensive to run a physical store. There’s rent, utilities, maintenance costs, and insurance to worry about. But ecommerce stores cut out the storefronts and allow customers to buy straight from the source. Many times this leads to reduced overhead that is then passed on to customers in the form of lower prices. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Long Live the Impulse Buy

Ecommerce works so well because it catches consumers when they’re off guard, and allows them a feeling of instant gratification. Think about it: you’re sitting in bed, surfing the web on your tablet, and you see a pair of shoes that you love. Ecommerce destinations make it easy to make a purchase with just a couple of clicks. Before you know it, your items are shipping to your house. A number of ecommerce trends are looking to make it even easier to buy with reduced shipping times, tailored recommendations, and buy links attached to ads and articles that talk about the item you may want to buy.

Why It Will Continue to Thrive

From Uber to OpenTable, the web is dedicated to making life easier for people. This is exactly what people want, and why ecommerce will continue to thrive. In the beginning, ecommerce was dedicating to books, clothing, and records, but now you can do things like buy groceries and have them delivered the same day, or find someone to watch your pet. As long as the internet exists, ecommerce will thrive.



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