Tread Lightly Around Gingers?

Three Redheads with big hairball hairdos

Ginger ‘Fro

Gingers Exposed


Gingers don’t have it easy.

Just watch this page’s video, which exposes the truth about gingers, and you’ll know why they don’t have it easy, especially under the sun.

As for the photo on this page, if these three made a carrot cake for you, would you eat it?

And, how much hair spray did they have to use to coiffe their hairdos like that? Talk about doing damage to the Ozone layer.

And as if the redheaded people of the world had not had enough, the American cartoon series South Park (which airs on Comedy Central) took the popular mistrust of gingers to whole new levels, often incorporating sarcastic anti-Semitism into the mix. In Eric Cartman’s biggoted worldview, Gingers and Jews are not able to be pirates, for example. Since his character is that of an elementary school child, it is easy to think that he may not know the history of pirates all that well, or the fact that both Gingers and Jews have indeed been pirates in history.

Of course other anti-ginger h8 speech has only gathered pace over time, and the crescendo of people who speak freely in terrible ways about their fellow redheads has reached what seems to be an all-time high. This is an awful state of society, and it is both reprehensible and shameful.

Seriously, the discrimination wrought against redheads must end. It’s high time that those of the rusty colored hair take a stand and say “No more injustice against redheads!” Or else some other catch phrase, said more … gingerly.


What are your thoughts?